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The Door – Game of Thrones Episode S6E5

Ok, everyone, we’re starting something new here on the blog.
I’ve been reviewing/analyzing/speculating episodes of TV shows I follow on my Facebook account for quite a while now, but the format never really satisfied me, mostly because of the short lifespan Facebook posts tend to have. Thinking about and trying different alternatives, I remembered that back in the days, before this current site existed, I used to review TV shows on my blog, and that it was a fine place to do it. So why not try to do it here too? This is an experiment. Let’s see how it works. I may do that every week for the years to come, or it may be a one time thing.

We’ll see…

Ok, let’s talk about this episode…

As usual, there will be spoilers about what happened this week, but as usual no spoilers from the books or future episodes, not from me, and not from you in the comments here. OK?


sansa - episode s6e5
Sansa (source:

Of course, it was an amazing episode of what seems to be an amazing season. The end is coming and the pay-off of all those things that have been set up for five season is finally coming to fruition.

Let’s start with Sansa vs Littlefinger.
What an interesting scene! Sansa is continuing to grow into a major political player. Had it been anyone else other than Baelish, they’d be dead by now.
Did Baelish know about Ramsay? I’m not too sure. I assume he knew that he was an asshole, but he didn’t know how evil Ramsay actually was. He saved hismself once again. Now, am I the only one feeling that he was lying to Sansa about Tully‘s army regrouping? Yet another long con to have Sansa need the Vale‘s army to be able to retake Winterfell?

And yes, by the way, I’ve been wondering what has been happening in the Riverlands? Are the Tullys actually regrouping? Is Edmure still a prisoner? What is Lord Frey thinking about his daughter’s death in Winterfell (I don’t think he knows Ramsay killed her, don’t get me wrong)? His alliance was with Roose Bolton, is he still allied with Ramsay? I feel that we’re going to be back there sooner or later. I didn’t even mention the Brotherhood without Banners. They have to come back to the show at some point, right?

Talking about people coming back, where is Bronn, by the way?

Now, the interesting part is the interaction between Jon Snow and Sansa. Jon maybe too much like Ned in a way, and Sansa senses it, and this is probably why she is lying to him about her encounter with Baelish. And that coat! While it “makes” Jon a Stark, it really makes him look like Ned. It could be good, the North will be more willing to follow him against the Boltons, but we all remember what happened to Ned, right? Yes, Sansa is playing the Game of Thrones, even using her long lost brother she’s finally been reunited with as a pawn.

Jorah and Daenerys. Beautiful scene. Interesting that he finally admits his love for her then (it’s not like everybody knew it already). Why do I have the feeling that this scene is a farewell scene, though?

The Iron Islands are finally becoming interesting, and the story is finally linked to another story.
So this guy, Euron wants to marry Daenerys and get the Seven Kingdoms in the process. Why is it that I don’t trust him a bit? Why is it that I think he’s the one who burned Daenerys’ fleet in the first place?
On the other hand, Yara and Theon on the run with a bunch of boats finally makes them interesting too. Are they going to try to reach Meereen before Euron?
I also like the explanation of “what is dead may never die” phrase. So another resurrection… Interesting… Are the Drowned God and the Lord of the Light the same god?

Arya. So the Faceless Men founded Braavos. Interesting. Is that just interesting trivia, or will it matter in the grand scheme of things? I’ve still been trying to see where the Faceless Men fit in the whole story. And for the first time I’m worried about Arya. No, she’s definitely not ready to become no one. I feel that she’s going to be good at pretending she’s just “a girl”, she’ll become a Faceless Woman, she’ll be back in Westeros, do something important there, but then get into a lot of trouble for actually still being Arya… Like a lot… Like more than just becoming blind.
On a side note, that theater play showed us how Lannister propaganda against the Starks has even crossed the Narrow Sea. The whole world now sees Ned as an idiot who tried to seize the Iron Throne and failed. Even if Sansa and Jon retake the North (and I’m sure they will), they still will have trouble south of the Riverlands.

In Meereen, I’m a bit sad that Tyrion and Varys have become secondary at the moment, they’re really my favorite characters, and I want to see more of them. Loved that scene, but I love every scene with them. I’m afraid Tyrion is making a big mistake with trying to have a Red Priestess around them. Isn’t he aware of what happened to Cersei with the High Sparrow. It’s a good thing that Varys is there. But the way she totally destabilizes him by revealing that she knows so much about him was a bit scary. These red priestesses also have a major role to play I’m afraid. Remember the one who stared at Tyrion out of nowhere when he was traveling to Meereen with Varys?
Also, I’d like to see or hear more of the dragons. OK, I understand that budget-wise, we may not see a lot of them this year (big battles coming ahead?), but I’d like some follow-up about Tyrion “freeing” them.

And now, the “important” part.
Beyond the Wall!
OK, let’s get it out of the way first: Hodor!!! Not only he died a horrible death, but he was a simpleton this whole time because of Bran! How horrible is that?
He didn’t just sacrifice himself so that Bran and Meera can flee, he sacrificed his whole being and entire life for that moment.
It’s the second time I get teary this season. I’m not sure I got teary watching Game of Thrones before. I’m not going to talk more about Hodor, it’s too painful at the moment.
And let’s not forget that Summer died too (now Winter really has come), and the Three Eyed Raven, and the Children of the Forest (at least some of them, I assume there are more)!!!
Now in no particular order:
– So, the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers trying to find a weapon against invading humans. It turned against them and everything that lives. Is it just an interesting trivia? A metaphor for playing the sorcerer’s apprentice? Is the key to defeating the White Walkers lies somewhere in that revelation? Another more subtle revelation that goes with it is the explanation of the patterns we sometimes saw associated to the White Walkers since the very first minutes of the show (remember the body parts of the Wildlings arranged as a spiral in the opening scene?)
– Shortly before dying the Three Eyed Raven tells Bran that he has to become him. Is it metaphorical? In the sense that he has to fulfill his role, his function? Or is it more literal? What if the Three Eyed Raven is actually an old Bran transporting himself in the past?
– The Night’s King touching Bran and marking him could have some dire consequences. The same way it allowed the White Walkers to enter the cave, what if Bran flees South of the Wall (where else can he go now?) and because of the mark nullifies the magic of the Wall? Allowing the White Walkers to invade Westeros?
– Finally, now it’s clear that Bran can affect (or can be affected by) what happens in his visions. They are not just visions, he’s really transporting himself to the place he’s watching. Will he influence the history of Westeros in other ways? He must, right? I’m already seeing theories online that he may be responsible for Jaime killing the Mad King, that “burn them all” is something related to the Wights or the White Walkers that Aerys hears and drives him mad. I’m reading that Bran could also be Bran the Builder, who built Winterfell and the Wall? It could go even further, there are many Bran in the North’s history. He could be all of them or most of them. I have been suspecting that if Jon is not the “messiah” (I’m forgetting its name at the moment) Bran could be. What if Bran is the one responsible for most of the history of Westeros instead?
– But, at the moment, how are Meera and Bran going to survive in the middle of nowhere, with the White Walkers and the Wights not too far? They’ll need external help. Is it the moment a long lost character (but who’s been mentioned a lot recently and that we even saw in one of Bran’s vision) return? Of course, I’m talking about Benjen Stark!

Oh yes, we’re in it for a crazy ride for the remaining of the season, not even mentioning the remainder the of the series.

On a side note, do you like that I’m posting this here instead of a Facebook post? Should I stay on FB? What do you think? I understand that Facebook maybe the more convenient option, but I feel that the shelf-life of posts is too short… Mmmm…

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