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This blog is for entertainment purpose only. Mostly mine, hopefully yours too.

Please note that in this blog I will at times criticize, mock, ridicule people (mostly contestants, although Jeff Probst is not immune).

If you’re them, or part of their family, friends, die-hard fans, please don’t get (too) offended.

Keep in mind that this is television.

We all know that the show is heavily edited. What we see may be real, but it’s just a tiny teeny part of that reality and I’m fully aware that the contestants rich and lovely personality has been reduced and truncated to one or two main traits. In other words they have become characters.

In other words, I don’t know any of the contestants personally (just exchanged a few e-mails and tweets with a handful, not enough to “know” them) and the people I will criticize, mock and ridicule are the characters who are shown on TV, not the real people whom I don’t know and most likely never will.