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Denise Stapley

(Philippines – 2nd-time player)

I’m so glad Denise is back! We often talk about the “legends,” the best winners and all that, but for some reason, Denise is rarely mentioned in those lists.
Personally, I think it is quite unfair because Denise is one of the best winners in Survivor’s history. I mean it.

No one else managed to do what she did. That is, to attend every single tribal council and survive all of them – no hidden immunity idol needed.

That feat itself makes her one of the Survivor greatest in my opinion.

So, hell yeah I’m excited to see her play again. And she could kick ass once again!

She’s one of the smartest contestants out there as well as one with some of the best social skills, and on top of that, she can also be pretty much under the radar when needed with all those big personalities around. She’s also one of the wiser contestants I believe, just listen to her for a few seconds, and you instantly know that she has her head on her shoulders, and that it is one of the reasons she won the way she did.

In other words, she’s one of my favorites, one of the people I’ll be cheering for, and one of my picks to win this season.

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