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Dawn Meehan – Caramoan Preview


Dawn Meehan

I’m really glad that Dawn Meehan is back. She never was my favorite player, but she’s a decent one. And she’s a real fan. I’m glad that she’s back because she had a great story in South Pacific, expect that it was cut short too early because of a certain betrayal from a certain Cochran. There we have this really big fan of the show, who early on is hit by the reality of that show. She comes around, gets herself together, starts to be a force to be reckoned with and is suddenly voted out because of a question of numbers.

She’s the perfect example of why I hate pagongings. Every time we have one, too many players end leaving earlier than they should have.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how Dawn is going to do this time around. And I believe she can do great. She’s won’t have this adaptation time she needed during her first stint. She’s very likable  very sociable, she won’t be threatening to anyone and shouldn’t really have a target on her back. She will be well liked and will be a cohesive force in her tribe (I can even imagine her to be in several alliances early on).

 I’m very interested to see what her relationship with Brandon and Cochran will be. She knows them well, so it seems only natural that they start off close to each other. However, she knows how unstable Brandon can be (she also knows how loyal and gullible he can be though). And what about Cochran? If I remember correctly, she was the only person from their tribe who was nice to him. But she may still be a bit sore from his betrayal. It’s gonna be interesting to see how those three interact.

I’m also curious to see how Malcolm and her will interact.

Why do I bring up Malcolm? Because in many ways, Dawn and Denise may seem to be alike, and Malcolm being fresh from his season,  he may see the threat that Dawn can be. Will he target her? Will he use her to his advantage? Will it be irrelevant?

In any case, I predict Dawn to go far in the game.



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