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Danni Boatwright

(Guatemala – 2nd-time player)

Wow. First of all, I’m quite surprised to see Danni returning and then, maybe not so much. I think I remember her saying somewhere that she would only return for an all-winners season. Well, that wasn’t just an excuse for not returning, she actually meant it.

Now, I have to admit that she has become a bit of a mystery to me. The thing is that Guatemala was broadcast just right after I had left the US and returned to France. It was right when I was readjusting to life back in my home country as well as moving to a new city (Paris). All of that at a time when watching American television outside of the US wasn’t always easy.

In short, my memories of that season are a bit blurry. It’s not impossible that I may even have missed an episode or two (the only episodes I have missed of all of Survivor). So, I don’t remember much about the way Danni won, except that most of the jury was mad at Stephenie. I assume it means that she didn’t have an over-the-top game and that she was a quite socially savvy player.

I really think that Danni could do well this season. She won’t be an early target that’s for sure. The only way I see her not making the merge is if she’s screwed by an early twist. Then, after the merge, she should have made enough bonds with enough people, to make it far and possibly to the end.

Her main weakness is that I’m not sure how well-connected she is with the other contestants and how well she knows them. It matters in those kinds of seasons, this one, probably more than usual.

Then again, her being a “free agent” (as in not having many pregame friendships or enmities) could also put her in a swing vote position for some crucial tribal councils. It could also find her isolated early on if two factions start to emerge quickly.

In short, she’s a bit of a question mark, but she’s one of the players I would put some money on if I was the betting kind.

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