Conciergerie’s Clock



If you’ve been to Paris, you most likely have seen this clock at the Conciergerie. It dates from the 15th Century (although it has been restored several times since, the last one being 1909) and it was the first public clock in Paris.



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David was born and raised in the French South West. After a few years in the US and a few more in Paris, he finally settled down in Japan. He blogs here about his various experiences and travels, with an emphasis on his home country, France.

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6 thoughts on “Conciergerie’s Clock

    • David

      Seriously, don’t be ashamed.
      Despite what most foreigners say, Paris is a quite over-hyped place (hint: most foreigners have never been in the rest of France and have no clue what they’re talking about 😉 )

  • Pomme C

    So sorry to see that all my good wishes for your voyage didn’t work in the slightest. That must have been a god-awful day. I’m glad that Asiana came through for you. It would have been ridiculous if you’d been stuck with the bill for that stuff. At least this way all that’s been lost is some time and a bit of goodwill…
    Do I dare wish you good luck for Monday? Well, yes. Bon Voyage. : )

    • David

      Yeah, let’s hope everything goes fine this time, or at least fine enough that we arrive at destination.
      Actually, I should be going to bed soon, although, being very tired tomorrow is an interesting option, this way, maybe I’ll manage to sleep a little bit somewhere over Russia (usually if I manage to sleep 10 minutes, it’s pretty good)

  • Vanessa

    Hi David, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I like your blog and hope you will continue it, even though you have now moved to Japan. I hope you got there in the end – sounds like you had a nightmare in the process. I’m a history junkie and was really interested to read about all those old postcards you have. I’ve been in France for 14+ years but I don’t think I’ll ever speak French as well as you obviously speak English.

    • David

      Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words.
      Yes, I intend to continue the blog even though I’m in Japan now (I knew I was going to move to Japan when I started it). I just hope I’ll find enough time.
      Actually, I’m about to post a small update in the next few minutes.