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Dear comment spammers,


Dear comment spammers,

I appreciate your interest in my various blogs. However, I would like to remind you, or even inform you, of a few things about me, my blogs, and commenting.


  1. All comments posted on all of my blogs and/or sites are moderated. I read all of them and double-check what links are included in them before deciding on approving or rejecting any comment. Yes, it is time I wish I would spend on other things – although to be honest, I’m not popular enough to have dozens of comments a day to deal with – but I think that it is important for me and my readers that I keep the comment section of my blogs as clean as possible and that I hold it to the same standards as the rest of the blogs. So, if you hoped that I won’t notice your feeble attempt at spamming my blog, too bad.
  2. Even though nowadays, you vaguely try to look like a real commenter and at least you’ve somewhat read the post before writing, your two lines of commonplaces and clich├ęs don’t add anything. That lack of interesting content in your comment is always the first clue that there’s something fishy about you. What gives it away being, of course, the link included in your comment.
  3. Relevance” is nowadays more and more the key for Google as far as external links (as well as internal) are concerned. You make a living in polluting other people’s blogs with your pathetic back link strategy and you don’t even know that? What is the point in trying to insert links about car oil products or bride gowns in my Japan blog exactly? You need to explain to me, because I’m not sure I understand.
  4. You’re really are the lowest of the low in the blogging world, even your robotic counterparts are better than you, at least they don’t pretend to be legitimate readers.
  5. A special shout out to non professional spammers. If you’re another blogger just like me, you actually read my post, your blog is somewhat related to mine, but in the “Name” field of the comment you type in the keyword you want to rank for instead of your name/nickname, I will consider you a spammer, even if your comment is relevant. I’m all for people inserting their blog in their comment as long as they follow a few rules of decency, the first one being naming yourself.



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