Old Postcards

    Ramelie is a pretty uncommon first name, and it may or may not be the person on the picture. Ramelie wrote a bunch of postcards to my grandfather, but I could never figure out who she was (I assume a cousin).  


  While most of the old postcards from my grandfather’s correspondence that I publish here represent places (and they are in my eyes the most interesting), there are also quite a few portraits of people (I’ve already published a certain number of them). Here is one of them:     […]

Early 20th Century Model

    Bordeaux’s Grand Théâtre about a century ago. To give you an idea what it looks like nowadays. It hasn’t changed much. Interestingly the streets around it don’t look that different either nowadays, but the fact is that they have changed a lot in one century, however, the latest renovations […]

Grand Théâtre in Bordeaux circa 1910