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    So, I’m in France for the holidays. It’s my first time back home (and in France and in Europe) in two years. I’m taking as many pictures as possible to give you updates about things in France. While I already have lots of things to show you in […]

In France

  Not too long ago, I posted my first picture of the Moon. I didn’t expect to take another one before a little while (maybe the next full Moon), but I coudn’t not pay homage to Neil Armstrong and how else to do it? I’m not ashamed to say that […]

The Man on the Moon

  So, my experiment about going one month without news ended two days ago. Now is time for the debriefing. At first, it was a bit hard I admit. Especially because two days after starting the experiment, some sort of crazy serial killer disguised as a terrorist by the French […]

One Month without News