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Cambodia – Second Chance – Episode 9: “Witches Coven”


Another great episode, so let’s not waste time in an introduction today and let’s jump into our analysis right away.


Orkun Tribe

Abi-Maria Gomes: She’s been almost invisible lately, how strange is that? Has she calmed down? Seeing as she’s at the bottom of the pecking order, I suspect that she hasn’t.

Ciera Eastin: Not so much about her either this week. I mean, she’s kinda been saying the same thing over and over again for the past three episodes or so now. I’m pretty sure she has said other things over that nine day span, but apparently the producers really want us to know that she said that she’s playing to win and that everyone should and that not everyone does. Is it going to have some importance later? Not sure.

Jeremy Collins: In case you haven’t noticed, he’s really taking control of the game right now: he now has two idols, two strong allies that happen to be the smartest people around (and he’s not dummy himself), he’s even willing to make move when other people probably wouldn’t (agreeing to vote Wiglesworth out). Actually, there’s been some discussion about whether it was a good move or a bad move for Jeremy to shake things up even though he was at the top of the pecking order right now. I think it’s a good move. Because he was at the top, he was slowly becoming a target (someone even mentions it at some point), so sitting idly at the top of his alliance would only lead to a blindside. Whereas siding with the “witches coven” and of course staying loyal to the only people he really seems to trust (Stephen and Spencer) allows him to deflect some potential “attack” from the coven, as now they need him, while weakening people not in his core alliance at the same time. In other words, he stays tight with Stephen and Spencer until they need to turn on each other (because the three are aware that they can’t be the final three together), finds other people that could work with him too as well as potentially be final three material (Abi may be the only somewhat goat of the season, Ciera may alienate some people along the way), and he weakens Kimmi, Keith, Tasha and Joe without alienating them either.
Oh and that scene where he says that he wants to win for Val and his kids, for all of them to have a better life, with tears included? That’s a winner quote right here.


Joe Anglim: He’s kinda screwed. Winning three immunities in a row, he now has no other choice but winning all of them, or he’ll be out as soon as he doesn’t win it. He’d better find a hidden immunity idol (not sure there is a third one) or make a fake one (but only Jeremy is aware that they all look different from each other).

Keith Nale: Not much about him this week. He’s not seen as a threat, he’s not really in the heart of strategic conversations. He could seem to be a bit of a goat, but not, just like in his original season, not being a strategic threat and being so likable turns him into a huge threat to win this game.

Kelley Wentworth: She was a bit more under the radar this (well, at least according to the edit, according to Fishbach in his blog, she was on high demand from the other contestants after he big move), yet, while Stephen is mostly responsible for the three guys and the three girls joining forces for this vote, it must be noted that the three girls played that perfectly. They could have been very vindictive and divisive, there weren’t.

Kelly Wiglesworth voted out: I don’t really have anything to say about her, I’m sure she was pretty much as dull as she seemed. However, it seems that very recently she had started to be more strategic, and that there must have been some sort of alliance between Joe, Kimmi, Tasha and her (and probably Keith), and she may have been the glue of that alliance. That, we’ll see next week. It’s  shame that her return to Survivor was so… uninteresting… but I guess we shouldn’t be surprised if she hadn’t paid attention to the show and its many developments for those past 15 years.

Kimmi Kappenberg: She’s a bit invisible these days, which is a shame as I suspect that she’s playing much harder than we are being shown.

Spencer Bledsoe: He’s been strangely under the radar lately. However, it’s interesting and somewhat exciting to see that he’s tight with Jeremy and Stephen, but as previously mentioned it can’t last, none of them has interest into going to the final three with the two others as the three of them would have a serious chance to win.

Stephen Fishbach: Finally Stephen is being shown as the great player he is, not the awkward nerd he also is. It’s so exciting to hear him narrate his strategy the way he used to do in Tocantins and analyze the game the way he usually does with Rob Cesternino (except that now, he’s analyzing his own game). Of course, he wins this week’s “what bit my ass” award for managing to have Kelly Wiglesworth voted out. Also kudos to him for getting this advantage that may turn out to be very interesting. Stephen seems to have taken a path that may lead him straight to the final three, but I still don’t see him winning for some reason. I almost hope he doesn’t get to the end, he may be less crushed that way. Is that the reason why he disappeared from social media during most of the summer? To mentally recover from going to the end again, and losing again?

Tasha Fox: She’s a bit invisible these days.



Now, my take of the alliances (aka voting blocks) of the week (and I was pretty wrong last week);

  • Kelley, Ciera, Abi-Maria
  • Jeremy, Stephen, Spencer
  • Joe, Kimmi, (Kelly), Tasha and Keith

What do you think?


Next time on Survivor:


If I understood Probst right, we’re going to have two episodes next week? Two hours, with two votes? Probably.


Next person voted out:

Joe is out if he doesn’t win immunity.
Tasha could be in trouble too.


And the winner is:

Jeremy clearly had a winner edit this week.

Stephen clearly had a edit of someone who will make it to the season finale.

I’m still keeping hope for Kelley, but I’m less sure than before.


Do you want to know more?

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