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Cambodia – Second Chance – Episode 8: “You Call, We’ll Haul”


The consensus on the web is pretty simple: this episode was simply amazing, probably one of the best ever. Tribal council is definitely one of the most amazing I have seen. Parvati’s double idol play in Heroes Vs Villains may be one of the biggest shockers ever, but what I especially liked in this one was everybody’s reaction. When the people trying to vote you out are amazed, laugh and congratulate you when you play an idol on them, you know that those players are also great fans of the game. And I think this is one of the reason this season is so great, all the players are big fans of the game, they all tried their best and their hardest to be where they are at the moment (i.e. to be voted in by the fans), and they’re all playing with all their heart.

In a sense Kelley is the perfect example of that. She didn’t leave a big impression in her first season (if at all), some of us recognized that she had potential, but when campaigning started, she really had one of the best campaigns, she managed to be voted in against all odds, and now she’s showing us that we were right to trust her to play a Second Time.

Wow, just wow again… And from there, I really can’t wait for the rest of the season, that moved really changed the whole game in my opinion.


Orkun Tribe

Abi-Maria Gomes: It’s been a few weeks we don’t really see her much. Not that I’m complaining, but actually I’d like to see a little more, especially when she’s not making drama. However, talking about drama, that “at least you made the jury” to Savage was priceless and one of the best lines of the season.

Andrew Savage blindsided big time: Ding dong, the hypocritical smug clown is dead…. I gotta admit when he gets all emphatic, he’s kinda funny to watch, but I just can’t stand his hypocrisy… You know when he call people disgusting because they’re playing the game and don’t simply prostern themselves in from of his grandeur. Hi exit was perfect in every way… He was so annoying all episode long, even almost causing Stephen to get voted out, and to see him crash like that was just the most amazing possible outcome. Couldn’t even be classy in his exit.

Ciera Eastin: She’s really showing this season that what we saw in her first season was not just a fluke. She is really playing as hard as possible, and she’s playing to win. However, given her position, I’m afraid she has a uphill battle to make it to the end. It will be very very difficult, but not impossible, the Bayon alliance can only crack now that Savage is gone. One thing about her speech at tribal about people who are kinda in the middle to not be complacent. On the one hand, she is right. On the other hand, this moment in the game may not be the right one to make a move. I see what Ciera means; that people like Spencer or Keith shouldn’t stick with the majority alliance and go with Ciera, Kelley and Abi-Maria. However, that would help the three women, but I’m not too sure it would be a good thing for the people that flip at that moment.

Jeremy Collins: He’s really playing the best game out there at the moment. He’s at the top of his majority alliance and yet, he’s not becoming comfortable at this position, he’s thinking ahead (preparing Joe’s elimination) manages to stir the boat in his direction without everyone noticing much (how he convinced everyone that voting against Stephen now wasn’t a good idea with no one realizing that he was doing this, not as much to save Stephen than to advance his own game), he hasn’t made any enemy among the people not in his alliance. Right now that’s his game to lose.

Joe Anglim: He’s in a tricky situation now. Now that he’s aware that people are ready to vote him out earlier than expected, he has only one solution: winning every immunity… Not true, he has another one. It seems obvious now, that while he hasn’t been voting with them, he’s still kinda sorta allied with Ciera and Kelley (remember that they had an alliance in Ta Keo 2.0, it’s still kinda alive). The one thing that could save him is to join forces with them, even though an alliance of four is not enough at the moment, they’ll need more people.

Keith Nale: I’m not sure where he stands right now. He’s obviously in the Bayon alliance, albeit not a part of the core. He was in the Ta Keo 2.0 alliance, but he doesn’t really seem to have much ties with Kelley and Ciera. However, I suspect that he’s pretty tight with Joe. However, Keith’s best strategy right (as he’s not really a strategic player) is to keep on doing what he does, that is not being very strategic, and being himself, that is very likable and fun. He almost won his season without really understanding the game, he still could win this one by just not making any wave. The only thing that makes me think it won’t happen is his edit that’s pretty much under the radar.

Kelley Wentworth: Oh Kelley…. If I wasn’t happily married I’d have a huge crush on you at the moment. She’s finally delivering all the hopes I had about her since the beginning of San Juan Del Sur… I really liked her then, and thought she had the potential for winning the season: pretty, great personality (even though we didn’t see much of that in her first season), a big fan of the game with a strategic mind. Of course, I was hugely disappointed when she was voted out so early (they say because she was playing with her father, I say that she was screwed by the tribe switch), and I was so happy she returned (I never thought we’d see her again). And now that we know what she’s made of, I’m really a fan. The whole tribal council was perfect, and all the high fives, fist bumps, sassy facial expressions and more make it so fun to watch. Well, played Kelley Wentworth, well played. She obviously wins this week’s “What bit my ass” award, I don’t think I need to explain why, do I?
Now where does she go from there? She simply could be voted out next week. That could happen indeed, but I believe that Savage’s elimination will make the Bayon alliance were fragile, especially now that Joe knows that he’s in serious danger, Spencer has no reason to stay with Bayon, and more. In other terms, she has changed the game, and if she is to win it, she started that win at that moment (well, one could argue that she started it with finding the idol on the first days). In any case, she has earned the respect of the other players (I suspect that some still weren’t too sure about her ability to play well), while not really appearing as a big threat yet. She has to keep on doing what she’s done (starting destroying the Bayon alliance) for a few more days (how? definitely recruiting Joe is a good start) and she could turn the game. If she doesn’t, she could be voted out next.

I have one small gripe about the edit concerning Kelley though. Nothing in the previous episode indicated that she was at the bottom, actually her vote (against Kass) seemed to indicate that she was closer to someone else? Or maybe I missed something. Also, the insistence, both last week and this week in the recap to remind us that she had found a hidden immunity idol seemed to indicate that she was going to use it soon.

Kelley Wentworth
Kelley Wentworth, the Queen of Survivor (for this week at least, hopefully more) – I couldn’t find a decent picture of her from this episode, so this one instead.

Kelly Wiglesworth: We heard her speak this week, didn’t she? OK, where does she go now that savage is gone? Does she stay with Bayon? Does she return with original Ta Keo? Not sure. I assume she isn’t either.

Kimmi Kappenberg: Not much about her this week. Interestingly, while she always seems to be very tight with Jeremy and Stephen, she’s not considered to be part of the core four by the others. Why is that? Maybe because she’s not perceived to be as strategic than them? Or is there something else? I’m not sure where she stands right now… Mmmm…

Spencer Bledsoe: It seems obvious to me that Spencer is happy to be in a majority and to not be a target and he just goes with the flow. I don’t think he will stay that way for long. We saw him “bonding” separately with Savage, Jeremy and Joe. Savage is gone, Jeremy and Joe are about to be at odds soon. What will Spencer do? What should he do? Not too sure but I have the feeling that he will stay with Joe. Not sure.

Stephen Fishbach: Interesting trivia: this was the first time in Stephen’s Survivor history that he didn’t vote for the person who ended up with eliminated. Stephen was pretty prominent this week, and I’m glad it was to show him strategize, at least a little. His vendetta against Joe seems a little strange, maybe the edit is to blame. Not sure. Despite all his concerned looks, with Savage gone, Stephen may be safe for at least a few votes. However, he wants to make that big move, and it could cost him a lot. Actually, I think I’m starting to understand his edit. He’s starting to become more prominent as the game is starting to become more strategic, but we always only see him under a not so positive light, not only being inept at doing many things, but being obsessed by his loss to JT. I have more and more the feeling that Stephen could go far, actually could go to the end, but… lose again…

Tasha Fox: Not much about Tasha this week.



Now, my take of the alliances of the week;

  • Kelley, Ciera, Abi-Maria, (Joe)
  • Joe, Spencer, Keith
  • Jeremy, Stephen, Tasha, Kimmi
  • Kelly

What do you think?


Next time on Survivor:


Savage’s ousting with shake up the game. A new kind of advantage is introduced in the game.
Stephen could join Ciera and Kelley to overthrow Joe… Or Joe could join Ciera and Kelley to overthrow Stephen. Or not.


Next person voted out:

Kelley could be a in trouble, Ciera too, Joe obviously is.


And the winner is:

Jeremy? Spencer? Kelley?

I’m more and more convinced that it’s one of these three.

Do you want to know more?

In that case, may I suggest that you read those sites, blogs and posts:


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