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Cambodia – Second Chance – Episode 6: Bunking with the Devil


Is that just me, or was this episode near perfect, in terms of everything, editing, tone, suspense and so on?

However, what’s not perfect is my timing, once again it has been near impossible to blog in a timely fashion…

Oh well…

So, the three tribes remerged into two tribes, not really a surprise, but I liked that, it didn’t screw anybody over, and allows to keep everyone on their toe. We’re pretty much assured to not have a pagonging after the merge, who really is Ta Keo and who really is Bayon at this point anyway?

Before going any further, a few words about Terry Deitz being pulled out of the game.

I give the guy some flack a lot, and it’s no secret that I’m not a big fan. I never liked his self-righteousness, but I don’t think he’s evil either (just a little too conservative / army guy for me, I guess). In any case, glad to know that as I type these lines his son seems to be doing OK, and I really have nothing to say about his decision to leave the game as soon as he heard the news. And yes, I was as moved as everyone else despite not being a fan of Deitz. Becoming a dad really changed my perspective on many things (duh), but one of them is indeed Survivor. For example, especially back when I lived in the US, I had trouble understanding how emotional some contestants would become during the family visit, after all, I’d see my family once a year and fitting in surrounded by Americans felt like playing Survivor at times (that’s the one excuse I find for Abi, I know how cultural differences can be stressful and can make you overreact at times). Now, that I’m a dad, I can’t imagine being separated from my daughter more than a day. I’ve never been away from her more than 24 hours, and the very thought of this happening makes me nervous… So, yeah, now I understand those things better, and I would have left the game, no questions asked, the same way Terry did if I had been in his situation…

One last thing about his departure in terms of gameplay. When someone quits or is being medivaced, it usually changes the game as alliances, pecking order and such suffer from it. This time I have the feeling that not so much. If Ta Keo 2.0 had gone to tribal, Terry may have been voted out anyway. However, one can argue that Ta Keo would have most likely got immunity and someone from Angkor or Bayon would have been voted out. Sure… So Terry’s departure most likely saved Abi-Maria or Spencer… But then, the ramification are too big (and we haven’t seen what will happen to them yet anyway). So let’s say that it’s “as if” Ta Keo has lost immunity and Terry was gone anyway.



Woo Kimmi


Ta Keo Tribe

Abi-Maria Gomes: An episode where we don’t see much of her? How refreshing… However, one thing I’d have love to see was her voting confessional, you know the one where she says that she’s getting revenge as Woo voted for her twice after all!

Andrew Savage: Can you be more arrogant than Andrew? Mmmm… Not sure… And that way he decides he’s the leader of the tribe, he decides who gets voted out next and he decides that Ciera will be the decoy vote… Priceless… Andrew such a great player, one who doesn’t even know you should never ever tell whoever you consider to be at the bottom of your alliance that’s where you see them. I guess he hadn’t read Ciera wiki page well enough. What an idiot, and he’s lucky he wasn’t the one voted out in consequence. He can say a big thank you to Abi Maria for that. Woo obviously became the target because Abi-Maria couldn’t be trusted with a blindside of Andrew, and she had this weird vendetta against Woo too.

Ciera Eastin: Finally we see her, and we see that she hasn’t lost anything. Props to her to not let herself being diminished by Macho Man Savage (whoops, wrong nickname) and managing to undermine him the way she did. Way to go Ciera!

Kass McQuillen: Is ChaosKass back? Yeah, probably. The big difference is that this season she also has a social game. Does this mean that she is a danger this season? Not sure… Well, she is a danger to mess up your game with one of her crazy moves, but I don’t think she’s a threat to win the game. I’d love to see her interact with Spencer though, and kudos to her for controlling her impulse of having Spencer voted out as soon as possible. She even saved him in a sense. I’m very impressed. Can’t wait to see what’s next, of course they’ll clash sooner than later. They’re a wonderful duo if you’re asking me.

Kelly Wiglesworth: Can anybody tell Kelly that Survivor is made of three parts: competing in challenges, camp life and… you know, playing the game… Looks like she’s not really aware of that third part.


Spencer Bledsoe: He dodged a bullet… again… I don’t know what to make of his edit. Is that a winner edit? Or is it something like Jeremy’s or Josh’s edit in San Juan Del Sur: he is the biggest character right now, so all the focus is on him until he gets voted out? Hard to tell.

Woo Hwang voted out: Ah Woo… Cool kid… Nice guy all around… But this game is just not for him… He was blindsided more often than pretty much any other contestant (seriously, over his two seasons, how many votes was he in on? And even when he gets voted out, he’s no more than just collateral damage.

Oh by the way, concerning the “What bit my ass” award of the week, it is shared between Andrew (for triggering everything with his “leadership” hum, hum), Ciera for not being a pushover and leading the blindside, Abi-Maria for diverting the target from Andrew to Woo, and Kass for deciding to save Spencer and sacrifice Woo. Good teamwork.


Bayon Tribe

Not much about Bayon this week, but the things to come seem to be starting to take shape.

Jeremy Collins: He’s kinda the leader of Bayon and he’s kinda in control of the game right now… He’s gotta be careful, he also was just before the merge during his first season. I don’t think he’ll be a target right away after the merge though, but when there are about 10 players left will be very difficult to navigate for him. We’ll see then.

Joe Anglim: Super Joe is super… Joe is super oblivious that he possibly dodged a bullet. But now that merge is coming he knows he’ll be one of the biggest target. He’d better hope that the alliance he made with Keith, Kelley, Kass and Ciera holds strong. Not sure it will though.

Keith Nale: Not much about him this week. He’s in a good position right now though.

Kelley Wentworth: Had Bayon lost immunity she could have possibly been on the chopping block, but we’ll never know. Right now, she’s not really a target, but despite of her alliances (both with some remaining original Ta Keo members and the new Ta Keo Final Five alliance), I’m not too sure that she has strong bonds with anyone at the moment. Joe and Keith? Maybe… I’m also curious to know about her relationship with Jeremy. They were aligned before the reshuffling that caused her doom back in San Juan Del Sur… We haven’t really seen them interact yet, so how tight are them? Hard to tell.

Kimmi Kappenberg: Who would have thought that Kimmi would still be around just before the merge, and that she’d be in a pretty good position? Not me. However, when the game becomes crazy (in a few votes) I wonder how she’s gonna fare. One word about the food challenge… Come on Kimmi, isn’t it ridiculous to resort to your vegetarianism there? You haven’t eaten pig in 30 years? So what, I bet no one had ever eaten scorpion before.

Stephen Fishbach: Is Stephen’s edit becoming more three dimensional and more positive? It seems so. He really moved me during that confessional. Now, I wish we saw more of his harcore player side, even though it may come. While he’s not a target and he should play on his ineptitude in challenges to not be a target, he’s in a tricky situation nonetheless. Either he gets under the radar, he could go to the end, but then couldn’t win because he was too “passive.” Either he starts making big moves, but he’ll become a target again, and if he makes it to the end, the jury may be pissed at him again… No… Returning players in the jury usually can distinguish personal feelings from game play… Usually…. So Stephen should start making big moves without overdoing it. Going after Joe is a good move actually, but will it work?

Tasha Fox: Did we see her this week?


Next time on Survivor:

A merge!!! At 13?!!? wow… Exciting… What if it was just for one vote and then they become two tribes again… Nah… That’d be silly.

Anyways, it promises to be an even crazier merge episode than usual…


Next person voted out:


Joe? No, I’m sure it’ll be like “everyone let’s vote Joe out” and bang, he wins immunity… Another alpha male? Andrew? Jeremy?


And the winner is:

Kelley Wentworth has been a bit under the radar right now, but she remains in a great position no matter what at the moment.

Spencer and Jeremy are still getting the only two edits that are looking like a winner edit.

Could Stephen’s edit turn him into a major player and possibly the winner this season? Mmmm…

Do you want to know more?

In that case, may I suggest that you read those sites, blogs and posts:

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  • Stephen Fishbach is doing something unique this season: blogging about his own experience in his People Survivor Blog.
  • Of course, I hope that my blog becomes the best Survivor blog, but I know it will never happen… And I also think I’ve found the best blog around, with Redmond’s Inside Survivor
  • Jeff Pitman’s True Dork Times is a must read each week.
  • Andy Denhart’s Reality Blurred is too.
  • I’m sure I’m forgetting a few…


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