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Cagayan – Episode 9: “Sitting in my Spy Shack”


Another solid episode, with one major annoying thing: the “super idol” (aka Tyler Perry Idol for some reason). It’s way too powerful, it was too powerful back in the days of Panama and the Cook Islands, it’s still too powerful. Even more so, I’m tempted to say as back in the days, people weren’t too sure how to deal with idols.

This season has been awesome so far, and I’m afraid that the introduction of this idol will make the next episodes not as enjoyable. We’ll see.






– Jefra Bland: Oh, Jefra. I knew you weren’t an interesting person (or at least, you’re not an interesting character), but while I had suspected it for a while, you’re not a good player either. Yes, you’re right to be pissed at Tony, you’re right to not trust him anymore, and you’re right that with LJ gone, you’re somewhere around the bottom of the alliance. So yeah, starting to take matters into your own hands was the thing to do. I’m not saying that she should have necessarily sided with Jeremiah, Spencer and Tasha, but she should have done something. Nope… She considers it… She talks about it. She shakes hands over it… And then, she backs up, because that meant actually doing something, actually taking risks, actually playing the game… You didn’t think that Jefra would have done such things, did you?

– Jeremiah Wood voted out: Oh well… He seemed interesting at first, with the whole Brice thing… But in the end, I’m not sure that Jeremiah is that different from Jefra. And don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they’re very nice people in real life, but in the game of Survivor, they’re quite uninteresting.

– Kass McQuillen: Not too much about Kass. I understand why she’s not mad at Tony, she made very similar moves this season. I don’t understand why she’s not more worried about her own position in the game. I mean, after LJ’s burn, it seems pretty obvious that Tony, Woo and Trish are the top three of the alliance. That should get her worried. And I’m pretty sure that if she came back to Spencer and Tasha, while not welcoming her with open arms, they would accept her vote. Either she thinks she’s top three, or either I’m not too sure as her strategy doesn’t make much sense anyway.

– Latasha “Tasha” Fox: As long as she keeps winning challenges, she’ll be safe, but let’s not fool ourselves here, her days are numbered. I’m not exactly sure about how strategic she is, it seems that Spencer does most of it. However, she has a pretty solid social game. She seems to like and to be liked by pretty much everyone. If she could make it to the end with one or two goats or players who made the jury angry, she still can win this.

– Spencer Bledsoe: Still a very solid game from Spencer. I have become a fan of the kid, and I don’t think that he has made many mistakes (playing the idol on himself instead of Jeremiah cannot be considered as a “mistake” – better waste an idol than misplay it and go home because of that), if he makes it to the end, he has a solid case to win the game, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to make it to the end.

Tony Vlachos: Oh Tony!!!! The guy is really awesome. He just never stops. I wonder how the other players don’t find him exhausting after a while. I love his mix of hot-headedness that makes me do all these silly thing (I’m convinced that him pulling out his wrapped idol from his bag at tribal council was an impulsive move that he almost regretted) but also his way of getting away with pretty much anything, like betraying your alliance and not having anyone turn on him as a consequence. The spy shack is also hilarious because it works! Now, I’m not happy that Tony has found the super idol. His behavior mostly comes from his paranoia, now that he’s basically assured a spot in the final four, he may play differently and may not be as interesting… Although, I think this impulsive and intense behavior is somewhat in his genes… We’ll see.

Trish Hegarty: Once again, props to her for keeping her cool with Tony and with managing to keep Jefra into the fold. Honestly, Trish has been one of the best players this season if not the best, unfortunately for her, her moves are way too under the radar and into Tony’s shadow to get any credit, I’m afraid.

Yung “Woo” Hwang: Yeah, he’s nice. No, he’s not really playing the game.


Next time on Survivor:

Will Spencer manage to turn Tony against one of his alliance members?

Let’s hope so, I’d hate to see Spencer or Tasha go home so early.


Next to go:

No idea… Like pretty much every week, and it’s one of the reasons why I love this season.

Winner prediction:

No idea either at this point.


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