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Cagayan – Episode 7: “Mad Treasure Hunt”


Another week with not so stellar moves, however, another episode that was utterly enjoyable (despite being spoiled briefly before seeing it). What’s up with this season? Usually bad moves are met with lots of criticism and scorn from me, but this season, not only they don’t make the season bad, but I’m almost under the impression that they are the ones that make the season good… Odd…

Concerning being spoiled: with the time difference and all that, I rarely get to see Survivor as it airs on TV (it happens once in a while though), but on Thursday night for me (which is Thursday morning in the US). So usually, on Thursdays, I just don’t go anywhere near Twitter until I have seen the episode. Facebook is safe though, nobody among my friends really talk about the show, or at least not in a spoilery manner… Except for one person: the one and only Jonathan Penner! For some reason, he accepted my friendship request a while ago, and while I’m a bi fan of his, he does one thing that annoys me: he has linked his Twitter and Facebook accounts, and as he live tweets Survivor, it all ends up on my Facebook feed too. I know it, I usually make sure to not read anything from him while he does that (which often is during my lunch break, when I often check out Facebook in a more or less distracted manner). Today he took me by surprise with a very simple tweet: “Morgan! Well, that makes sense” or something along those lines.

I don’t know if I should be angry at him or at myself for that, but the unfortunate consequence is that I stopped following him because of that (did you know you can still be friends on Facebook with someone, but unfollow them, that is their updates don’t show up on your feed). So, if you read this (I know you don’t) sorry Penner, but with your tweets ending up on Facebook, it was only a matter of time before such an accident happens.

OK, enough of this, and let’s get to our weekly analysis:



Look, she's working around camp!!!
Look, she’s working around camp!!!



– Jefra Bland: I keep on being extremely uninterested in her. At least this episode she appeared in a quite likable manner, but that’s really all I have to say about her.

– Jeremiah Wood: He was pretty invisible this week.

– Kass McQuillen: Sure Spencer had some harsh words, but despite what she herself thinks, I also think that she plays more with her guts than with her brain. I understand a bit better why she flipped, but I still think that was ridiculous. Props to her for playing hard and for trying to win. Is she doing it the right way (i.e. the one that could make her win)? Not sure. However, she remains a big wild card. At this point, I don’t think anybody can trust her and people would be foolish to do so, and I’m sure some people will. Maybe she is playing better than she looks. Her edit is also odd. She’s not exactly presented in a positive manner, but not really in a negative one, and I’m kinda wondering whether she’s not getting some sort of weird winner edit. In any case, while her flipping from last week was highly debatable, not flipping this week was the thing to do, had she flipped again, she would have had most remaining players gunning for her.

– Latasha “Tasha” Fox: We saw her a lot this week, but I’m not sure we heard her at all. Her edit in the first two episodes or so really made her look like she could win, but since then, she’s been pretty invisible (one could argue that the same thing happened to Denise in the Philippines, and the reason for it was that she layed low when it was needed. Is Tasah doing the same?

– LJ McKanas: Not much about him this week.

– Morgan McLeod voted out: I had a higher opinion of her as time went on, but this episode reminded me that she was indeed a spoiled princess who’s used to get what she wants because she’s pretty and who will never question herself or her behavior. Sad… Oh, earlier I mentioned this week’s bad move, and I really think voting her out at this point was one indeed. She was slowly becoming a very good goat, it was too early to vote her out – now I understand that she could have been quite annoying around camp. Those things still matter even after the merge in terms of selection of targets.

– Spencer Bledsoe: Great moves kid… Also, leaving his clue with his pants was another silly mistake made this season, it did turn out to his advantage. While the secrecy of this new idol is gone, he now doesn’t appear suspicious in a way he would have, had he just gone by himself and if he was just “suspected” of having an idol. Right now, I think no one is suspecting him. However, he still has a big target on his back.

Tony Vlachos: Not too much about Tony this week as if it even was possible. I keep on liking him even if he’s a bit too over the top sometimes. He remains a bit threat though, not because he plays so hard (definitely the one who plays the hardest, but not the one who plays the best), but because I think everyone loves him.

Trish Hegarty: Not much about her today… Good… That’s restful.

Yung “Woo” Hwang: Last week I said that I was afraid he’ll remain somewhat invisible all season, but I was wrong, he was featured a lot this week, although still not for strategy, but rather for his “ninja stealth.” He’s interesting, despite his apparent lack of real strategy and his very unique way of narrating things.


Next time on Survivor:

Finally the alliance of six crumbles!!! That didn’t take too long. I was really afraid of a pagonging. However, with that being said, previews are often misdirections, to the point that we can safely assume that what we see won’t happen, i.e. Tony won’t vote Woo out. Still, I like those cracks in the alliance.


Next to go:

I really have no idea… Jeremiah? Tony? Any guess is valid.


Winner prediction:

I also have no idea. I have complained in recent seasons that the winner was too obvious because of editing (it started with Boston Rob on season 22 – I think I picked every winner right after a few episodes), but definitely not this season.

Spencer and Kass appear like it may be one of them, but even that is a guess.


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