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Cagayan – Episode 8: “Bag of Tricks”



Ok, I don’t have much time for this week’s analysis (sorry I can’t do a better job this season, let’s hope future ones go better), so let’s get it started:





– Jefra Bland: OK, now that’s a fact, she is this season’s invisible and mute person. That, or she really has nothing interesting to say. I’m still surprised that at season 28, you still have some people who “play” not like season one, but season two or three, that is, find an alliance and then just sit it out until voted out basically. Oh well.

– Jeremiah Wood: Still not much about him. He’s not that different from Jefra in a sense, he just happens to be on the side of the numbers that needs to scramble a bit.

– Kass McQuillen: She was surprisingly quite invisible this week, except for one confessional, where she said that there was no need to rock the boat right now (forgot the exact quote)… Man, if Kass says that one shouldn’t rock the boat at this point, it means that you shouldn’t… I mean Kass… Who rocked the boat more than her this season? She even has a Twitter hashtag dedicated to her that says #ChaosKass

– Latasha “Tasha” Fox: I’m still unsure about Tasha. She plays in a quite sensible manner, but we really don’t see enough of her for me to get a good reading on her… And paradoxically, I still think that she has a good chance to win the game.

– LJ McKanas voted out: I kinda feel bad for him. Being betrayed, blindsided and voted out for no particular reason whatsoever must suck. However, he committed one major mistake: tell the camera that he was feeling confident… That’s always the kiss of death on Survivor, always! But it’s true that for this vote at least he had no reason to be worried… well, if he wasn’t playing in a season with Tony that is.

– Spencer Bledsoe: Is that wishful thinking or is Spencer is getting the best edit for this postmerge part of the season? I mean, even this week, he didn’t really do anything special, he didn’t even have to scramble and strategize that much, Tony did all of his work for him, and yet, he is the big winner of this week’s vote, to the point that it almost felt like he orchestrated it. I guess I’m saying this because of his reaction when the final vote against LJ was revealed and the fact that I had pretty much the same reaction at the same time… I’m also not sure I’m making much sense right now.

Tony Vlachos: Oh Tony!!!! I really do think that you’re not a very good player, you’re making a lot of bad moves, and voting LJ at this point in time sure was a big one. Sure LJ was a threat… Later… Vote him out when there’s only one player left in the minority, but now?! It’s ridiculous… You’re putting Tasha, Spencer and Jeremiah in a pretty solid position, and the five remaining ones in a pretty shaky one. Worse, you’re alienating yourself from too many people, that’s a lot of jury votes that you could lose right there. And why? Simply because you want to make a big move so mush that you can’t wait one or two more votes…
However, with that being said, you’re bringing an answer to the question I asked myself for the past couple of weeks: Why do I like this season so much, even though most players make some very bad moves?
The answer is: because this season is extremely unpredictable and entertaining thanks to that. I often blame casting for some terrible choices (hello Caramoan), but this season, they did a great job at finding interesting people for the most part. Not the best players, but some that will make good TV, and Tony is the perfect example… In many ways he reminds me of Russell Hantz, except for one major difference: Tony seems to be a very likable and fun guy to be around… Maybe a bit too intense for me, but definitely not the evil bastard that the Hantz is… And all that translates perfectly on TV. Tony is a great Survivor character. This other one wasn’t.
And I’m not only saying this because there’s a good chance that Tony reads this (Hi Tony!)
Can you imagine if Tony (and Kass) had played the sensible and smart way? We would have had a very boring pagonging. Thanks to them, we have an extremely entertaining post-merge.

Trish Hegarty: Sure, I don’t like her much in terms of personality, but despite the fact we don’t see too much of that, she really seems to have her head on her shoulders. Remember that she’s the one who swayed Kass  – without making any waves – when it became obvious that Sarah couldn’t be swayed. This week, she’s the one who tried to reason with Tony…

Yung “Woo” Hwang: Woo is a really fun guy but I don’t think he has much strategy in him at all. He seems very likable though, I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again, he could pull a Fabio.


Next time on Survivor:

All odds are out now,  right? I wonder what’s gonna happen.

I worry about Woo’s fall though, it could be bad.


Next to go:

Woo on injury?


Trish or Kass because they’re the biggest threats to Tony, Spencer, Tasha and Jeremiah?

No idea…


Winner prediction:

Honestly, I’m clueless about who it’s gonna be this season. Spencer?


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