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Cagayan – Episode 11: “Havoc to Wreak”


Oh man, this season is killing me. Another episode filled with a few nonsensical moves, however, another episode that was pretty awesome to watch.

One note about the reward challenge: I really like those rewards. More often than not, Survivor takes place in poor areas, and CBS makes millions from shooting there. It’s only fair that they try to help at least a little (according to Probst, they always do it a lot, even when it doesn’t turn into a reward challenge). Also, it can have a major impact on some contestants (Ethan Zohn anyone?) which is always a good thing.
On the other hand, could Spencer and Kass have at least pretended to care about those kids. While I love them as players, they came out a bit heart-of-stone over there.



Spencer Woo Tasha




– Kass McQuillen: I think she’d drive me nuts out there. While she’s played a quite solid game since the merge – although even that is up for debate and she’s playing to go to the end here, not to win – she really seems to be a cold-blooded bitch at times. Yeah, sure, it may make her a good lawyer, probably a half decent Survivor player, but there is a reason everyone hates a lawyer, and she may be the perfect example for that. The whole argument with Tony was just embarrassing. Now, with that being said, she made the right move to keep Tony and vote Tasha out, but in the end, it doesn’t matter, as her chances to win are slim to none at this point (she could win against Tony and Woo… maybe… No… Even against them, I don’t think she could).

– Latasha “Tasha” Fox voted out: Poor Tasha. There wasn’t much she could do at this point. Too bad, she was a very interested player.

– Spencer Bledsoe: OK, while the winner edit has been pretty hard to figure out all season long, for the past two or three episodes, it really has been the Spencer and Tony show, and as I don’t think Tony can win… It’s not just the edit. If Spencer can make it to the end, he has to win. He beat all the odds, won many challenges, didn’t betray a single person all season long and will be against people the jury is pissed at or doesn’t really respect as players… If he can make it to the end, he will win. Can he make it to the end though?

Tony Vlachos: Oh Tony!!!! Still playing a pretty strange game. He’s kinda to paranoid and abrasive for his own good. However, unless he’s getting a favorable edit, I think it’s unfair to compare him to Russell Hantz (I’ve said it before, Tony may be intense, even annoying at times, but he’s playing the game and there is no malice in his behavior, he’s just playing the game). Actually, I’d say that the person that’s the closest to Hantz is almost Kass, because she is mean for the sake of being mean and she doesn’t really respect anybody out there. However, one thing that is not too dissimilar from Hantz with Tony, is that he’s forgetting that you shouldn’t piss off the jury if you want to win. He’s done that quite a lot lately. Right now, he’s sure to be in the final four, could easily be in the final three, but how many jury votes can he get? Apart from Trish’s and Woo’s? Not many if any. If he’d better not betray those two if he sends them to the jury either.

Trish Hegarty: She’s been quite invisible lately. Well, I guess she’ll be pretty inconsequential for the remainder of the season. She’s actually had a bunch of pretty good moves earlier in the season (to the point that I think she was one of the best players, except that no one noticed – you also want people to notice if you want to win) but the fact that her edit has been somewhat invisible so late in the game means that she’s most likely next to go.

Yung “Woo” Hwang: Oh Woo… I’m sure you’re a great guy… I’m convinced you’re a great guy. This week showed that, not once but twice. First with the kids. Somebody who behaves the way he did with the kids when he’s pretty quiet the rest of the time has to be a good person. Also, he simply can’t lie… Being a good liar doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person… Being a bad liar, doesn’t really mean anything either. But “worse” than the bad liar is the person who doesn’t know how to lie, and that seems to be Woo, and usually those types of people are rarely bad people… However… and you see where I’m going here… Woo simply can’t play that game. he followed Tony since day one, and when he realizes that maybe he shouldn’t, he still doesn’t make that move and he does nothing that could give him credit and show the jury or anyone else for that matter that he played the game. He could go to the end, but I don’t see him winning either. People will not respect his game. The only moves he made were Tony’s, and they were betrayals. Not once he took matter into his own hands, and when he could, he simply didn’t.


Next time on Survivor:

Kass and Trish get into a fight? Mmm… I’ll need some popcorn… (actually as they both kinda annoy me, not sure it’ll be that entertaining).


Next to go:

Trish? I don’t know why, but it feels like Trish is going home… Or Woo…

Winner prediction:

Well, at this point I’d say Spencer, even if Tony could still pull a trick out of his bag and surprise us in the end.


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