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Cagayan – Episode 10: “Chaos is my Friend”


Is this becoming the Spencer and Tony show or what?

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a criticism, those two are golden. They are exactly what you want a Survivor contestant to be: a big character as well as a serious player, one who’s not there just to be on TV, one who’s not waiting for things to happen, but one who wants to win and will take the game into his own hands at every opportunity in order to get there.

That doesn’t mean that they’re the best players ever, nor even that they’re amazing players. Sure, Spencer has a great strategic mind, but his social game seems to be a bit weak, and Tony, well, as I said it before, he’s too intense for his own good, and he has made as many blunders as he has made good moves.

However, those two are greatly responsible for this season to be so good, and the Survivor auction perfectly summarized that.




Tasha and Spencer


– Jefra Bland voted out: Oh well, Jefra, this is what happens when you almost play. You almost go far…

– Kass McQuillen: Lately Kass has been smart to go as under the radar as possible (although, she’s not under the radar socially, seeing the comments she makes to other people here and there), however, she should have started to see her options again, instead of sitting pretty in her alliance of five. She must have realized that she was pretty much number four in that alliance. On the other hand, her other options were to go back with Tasha and Spencer, and I feel that it is not an option, seeing how the bad blood between Kass and them still seems pretty vivid. I guess she hoped to reach final four and try to convince someone to keep her, or something like that. Now, she’s far from being done and she could be a good goat to bring to the end.

– Latasha “Tasha” Fox: Congrats for the immunity win again, congrats for the very good social game too. Honestly, right now, she could win the game, the only thing that makes me think she may not is her edit.

– Spencer Bledsoe: What a roller coaster ride his time on Survivor is. Now, it’s pretty much each episode where he goes from feeling in control of the game to feeling like he’s done, back to feeling like he’s on top again. Must be mentally exhausting. In any case, he plays a great game. I didn’t think he’d pull that one out. Every season we have someone who is the obvious boot who tries to sway someone from the dominant alliance, editing makes us thing he did sway them, but in the end didn’t. Well, Spencer did it with Tony and that was well played.

Tony Vlachos: Oh Tony!!!! He’s so intense. On the one hand, that allowed him to find three idols among other things. On the other hand, he needs to slow down, he just needs to slow down. This week, he betrays his alliance for a second time, in order to get Jefra out, mostly because he thinks there’s an all girl alliance forming. Except that for voting Jefra out, he needs Tasha’s vote. Except that if Tasha agrees to it, that means there is no all-girl alliance, and in that case, there is no need to vote Jefra out and destroy your alliance along the way. He has gotten so paranoid, that simply escaped him. OK, to his defense, he may think that the all girl alliance is not in full mode yet, so he may think he’s hitting two birds with one stone, by having Tasha join him to vote Jefra. And the fact that Spencer was desperate and may have fooled him just a little, didn’t really come to mind either. Although to Spencer credit, he really sold it… He didn’t seem to be scrambling, more to have accepted his fate and to just spill the beans about what was going on. Well played Spencer.

Trish Hegarty: Not much about her today.

Yung “Woo” Hwang: Woo thinks he’s playing the game, but he really just follows Tony. I guess he is playing, but more “old school style”. He has his main ally, he just sticks with him, and that’s his strategy.


Next time on Survivor:

Will people finally vote Tony out? Or at least try? Because, you know, he has this super powered idol and all.


Next to go:

No idea, just like every episode right now (and I love it).

Winner prediction:

This week, it really feels that Either Tony or Spencer or both will make it to the end, and they also have a good shot at winning. Don’t count Tasha out just yet.


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