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I don’t know Bruges too well (that’s an euphemism) as I spent less than half a day there. This is what happens when you travel with Americans. 🙂 Ok, to be fair, we were not in Belgium for tourism, so these few hours in Bruges were some sort of nice bonus to the trip.



I won’t tell you much about the city, not only because I wouldn’t really know what to tell, but also because Wikipedia and the city’s official site will do it better anyway.

For the longest time I didn’t think there was anything special in this city, and it’s really the film In Bruges (that I really advise you, not for touristic, but for cinematographic reasons), and indeed it is a very beautiful city. Being from the South West of France, I’m used to very old towns and buildings, but it was interesting to discover a similar place in Northern Europe.

Apart from that Bruges is indeed quite touristic. I was there in November and there were quite a few people, so in warmer months, it may be a bit too crowded for my taste, I don’t know…

Here are a few pics I took, most of them from a boat ride as Bruges has a few canals which are some of the most scenic spots in the city:



One last note. As you may know, Bruges is in Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, and there is in the country quite a big divide between the two linguistic regions. It is also a well-known fact that a lot of Flemish people are borderline racist with French speakers. So, when in Bruges, I was always a little bit worried to speak French. I remember in that restaurant, I spoke uniquely in English to the waiter, but when he noticed me speaking French with my wife, he’s the one who switched to French, and kept on being as nice.

So two things, either he’s a non-racist Flemish, or this racism is only directed towards French-speaking Belgians, not other French speakers… 🙂


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