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Brenda Lowe – Caramoan Preview


Brenda LoweI’m really excited for Brenda Lowe‘s return.

She definitely was my favorite player in Nicaragua, and one of the few people who knew what they were doing that season. I’m still a bit disappointed in the fact that she didn’t really scramble when she knew that she was on the chopping block, but I don’t think that would have changed anything. In any case, she’s a real All-Stars in my eyes (and the fact that her season mostly sucked, doesn’t mean that there weren’t any All-Stars worthy players in it. I’m thinking her and Marty Piombo mostly. I’m actually surprised that he’s not in the cast this season, I really hope production is keeping him for the next full All-Stars season (in all likelihood Season 30). But back to Brenda.

I’m really excited that she’s back. She’s one of the few well rounded female players who are good at challenges, strategy and the social game. However, I’m afraid for her this season. She’ll appear as a threat from day one, and she has no obvious allies in the tribe. She could befriend Corinne… Maybe… (does anyone really want to do that?) Malcolm? Possibly. Beyond that? No idea. But who knows, she could click with Andrea, Erik, Francesca or even Cochran who knows. She’s sociable and charming enough to make friends quickly. But I don’t they’ll forget she can be cutthroat and very manipulative.

I want Brenda to go far. I was just going with my feelings, I could see her winning this season. Unfortunately, she really has a big uphill battle to do so. Not impossible, but unlikely. She’s still one of the people I’ll be rooting for anyway.



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