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Brandon Hantz

“Don’t you know who I am?! I’m Brandon Hantz!”

 Will we ever have another season without a Hantz playing?

Seriously Survivor producers, how lame is that? Do you really think that nobody will be interested in your show anymore is Russell is not present or mentioned or alluded to at some point? You are at least somewhat on the right track, you didn’t bring Russell back this season, but are you so addicted to him that you have to have him somehow, even in the form of his nephew?

Or do you just hope he makes until the loved ones episode, because of course, Brandon‘s loved one will be Russell. Who else?

Maybe he’s a good kid, but just because of that I hope he’s an early boot.

That being said, let’s try to speculate about how he will do regardless of the fact that he is a Hantz

Mmm… Ok, that will be impossible…

So he says he wants to play as honestly as possible. Yeah, why not?

If he does, and if the fact that he is you-know-who’s nephew doesn’t come into play, he could go far. Although he’s a kid he seems to have some life experience (He’s already married with a kid, he seems to have been working for a while now), so he should contribute positively to camp.

Will he bond with the rest of his tribemates? Hard to tell, but I don’t see why not.

Will the fact that he is in Coach’s tribe have an influence?

It could be. I wouldn’t be surprised if Coach found out one way or the other that he is Russell’s nephew, and I can see Coach wanting to take him under his wing, “educate” him so that he doesn’t become like his uncle or another “coachy” thing like that. Hey, who knows, they could even form an alliance!


Very very hard to tell. The fact that he seems likable and hard working will play in his favor. His young age and his last name would be his demise.

Unless people find out early that he’s a Hantz and voted him out because of that he should make the merge. Can he go much further? It will highly depend on the type of alliance he made.


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