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Brandon Hantz – Caramoan Preview


Seriously, did we really need Brandon Hantz back? I mean, did we even need him the first time around? Some people say that he was good TV, and I’m pretty sure this is the only reason why he was invited back, but I’m not even sure he’s good TV. I mean, it’s one thing to watch a lunatic (?) like Phillip Sheppard to do crazy stuff on TV because why not?

But Brandon Hantz? The kid is just a train wreck. And while I admit that it can be quite fascinating from an anthropological point of view to see the inner workings of a trailer trash’s mind; at the end of the day, he is painful to watch and I always feel a little bit dirty (not in the good way) after watching his emotional roller coaster.

However, he’s back, so what can I say? Let’s just try to see what we can speculate about him for this season.

Can he win?

Of course not.

Can he go far?

Well, on the one hand, he tends to be loyal to whoever he aligns with, so it could be an idea to have him in some sort of alliance.

Now, will people be able to bear with him?

Maybe he won’t be as emotional and as high maintenance (in terms of keeping him in check the way Coach had to constantly do in South Pacific) this time around?

I doubt it, but who knows?

I can’t imagine any of the women (except maybe Dawn who already knows him) wanting to have anything to do with him, remember that he also can be Creepster McCreepy at times.

The guys? I don’t see any of them wanting to align with him either, except maybe Phillip who’ll need a bigger goat if he wants to have any hope to win.


Now, there is the chance that he has changed. That has happened with returning players at times. In his case, though, I have serious doubts, I’m not sure why.



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