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Bottle (Inktober 2018 – Day 18)


I’m a little late today (as this is for yesterday’s entry of Inktober), and I was a little rushed to finish it (I’m afraid this second half of the month will be a bit difficult as far as keeping the pace is concerned).

Anyways, here is my take for Bottle:



I’m not completely satisfied with the result, and it’s totally because I didn’t spend enough time with it.

I think I liked my first draft better, but I did it on low-quality paper and I’m not sure the ink would have been OK on it. It’s unfinished, but this is what it looked like:




On a side note, when scanning the drawing (sometimes I scan them, sometimes I simply take a picture), I changed some settings to see what would happen, and it kinda gave a “comic book” feel to it, if you know what I mean. Some details are gone, but I think I like it:






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