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Blood Vs Water – Twists and Predictions.


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote my assessment of the cast, but didn’t mention any of the twists (as a lot have been officially announced) and worse didn’t make any prediction.




(they’re not really spoilers as they been mentioned in length by Probst and the other media who went on site to preview the show, but if you don’t want to know, skip to the next part of the post)


Day zero: The contestants start the game by pairs (returnees with their loved ones), just the two of them for one night.

Meh… While the idea is interesting, as returning players can all spend some time together “on the island”, in terms of TV I can’t care less. It has no influence on the game whatsoever and I’m afraid that it will eat up too much time that could be devoted to more interesting things. Although, to be totally honest, EW has released the first minutes of the premiere, and it gives us a very unusual and interesting opening.


Splitting the tribes Returnees Vs Loved Ones.

Not exactly a surprise. At first I thought that I’d rather have both teams were returnees and loved ones would be mixed, but actually, this split will make things more interesting when merge comes. And seeing the men among the loved ones, I don’t think their tribe will be at a disadvantage, quite the contrary.


First boot before the game starts.

So, the first boot, will be a double boot and will happen right at the beginning, without even a tribal council. That’s pretty brutal if you ask me. Something similar had been done in Palau, but all the players had had actually 24 hours to get first impressions and feelings about the others. Here, nothing. And while the returnees know each other, if only by reputation, the loved ones will have to eliminate one of their own without knowing each other at all. Yep, brutal.


Redemption Island.

It was a terrible idea the first time around, it was still a terrible idea the second time around, and guess what? It remains a terrible idea. But we all know that Probst has lot all common sense a while ago (when he became showrunner basically).

Sure, in terms of game play, it’s not such a terrible idea. Although even that is up for debate, while it didn’t affect the game at all in Redemption Island, because of it, Ozzy was one immunity challenge away from winning the game, which would have been a bigger travesty than Boston Rob winning the previous season. Ozzy would have become the first winner not to play the game. Embarrassing, and I’m so relieved in didn’t happen.

This season? We’ll see as there is another twist:


– Not sure how to call it: switcheroo to save a loved one?

So, if I understood correctly, now, before a duel, one half of a pair can decide to go to redemption island before a challenge and their other half will take their spot in their tribe.

Mmm… One of the things that made me love Survivor is how simple the concept is while the possibilities are not. Every season, every new twist preserved that simple concept. Sure, we had the embarrassing twist of Pearl Islands and people being voted back in the game. Redemption Island already changes the premise of the game quite a lot, but that pretty much makes it a different game. In theory. In practice, while it will make things more complicated, I’m not sure many people that matter (i.e. who are playing the game) are going to be willing to send themselves to Redemption Island to save a loved one that had already been voted out.

But because bitching about this twist that seems like it hasn’t been completely thought through, I’ll wait and see.

And yes, if I think it changes the game too much, I may complain, although I have already accepted that this season of Survivor is not a “normal” season, but some sort of alternate universe version of Survivor.


I’m sure they’ll be more twists, we’ll see.


Blood Vs Water



I never predict my winner before having seen the premiere and I won’t change that. However, I already have a vague feeling on who may do well and who may not do well.

Potential winners.

On paper, here are the players I can see win without being too surprised.

Aras, Vytas, Caleb, Tina, Tyson.


Early boots.

Not only they don’t have a chance to win, but I don’t even see them going far into the game.

Candice, Colton, Ciera, Rupert, Laura B.

I even think that the Bonehams could be the first ones voted off.


Should make the merge, could go far, but I don’t see them win.

John, Gervase, Marissa, Kat, Laura M., Monica, Brad.


Question marks.

I just don’t know about them, they could win as well as being first boot.

Hayden (mostly because of his status of Big Brother winner, if it was not for that, I’d put him in the previous category or even in the potential winners one), Katie, Rachel.


Ok, see you in two days for my Survivor Blood Vs. Water season premiere analysis.

In the meantime, feel free to tell me what you think of the cast and twists.



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