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Blood Vs Water – Episode 4: “One Armed Dude and Three Moms”


Another great episode and an amazing tribal council. Thanks CBS for totally spoiling it in your previews. I guess I’ll have to stop reading them now. If you wonder it says that the tribal was a blindside creating a huge power shift. Well, would could that be except Brad. Sure, he never really was in power, but you know what I mean.

OK, let’s see what we have to say about those players this week.

Redemption Island


Am I catching myself starting liking Redemption Island?

Oh don’t get me wrong, I still have the concept, the editing, the waste of time and the anti-climatic elements with a passion, but I really like the fact that everyone is able to communicate. This adds another layer to the game in this season that has so many layers added. It’s almost a shame that we don’t see all of it, like Kat was obviously saying (or trying to say) something to Hayden at some point, but we could see and hear what.

Apart from that, I’m pretty sad to see  Marissa Peterson go, and while Candice was entertaining, probably for the first time ever, I don’t care about seeing her canoodling with John on redemption island afterwards, that was a waste of time that could have been use for more camp life.

On the other hand, I kinda want to see some camp life, pre-duel next week.




Will we ever see Galang at tribal council?


Aras Baskauskas: He was pretty much invisible this week, but well, when you’re on top of the totem pole of a drama-free tribe that wins challenges I guess that means you’re not gonna get much screen time just right yet, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Gervase Peterson: Gervase and Tyson. Who would have thought? Although it kinda makes sense. They’re both mischievous and this “coconut bandits” thing was great. We don’t see moments like these much on Survivor anymore, I kinda miss them at times. On a more serious note, it makes sense that they bonded. While there isn’t much strategy talk in the tribe right now, strategy is still on everyone’s mind, and everyone is well aware that alliances are very weak and doomed to be very fluid this season, especially at the moment of the merge when loved ones get reunited. Sure, the alliance of five seems pretty solid right now, but of course Tina will want to bring Katie in or defect, same for Aras. So Gervase and Tyson kinda have to have each other’s back facing that big unknown that is the merge this season. Actually, I don’t know if they realize it, but at a moment when alliances are going to crumble, they may be a very powerful two-some. We’ll see.

Kat Edorsson: Kat keeps on being invisible. I guess she’s getting the Erik/Brenda treatment this season.

Laura Boneham: Not much about Laura B. either, but I have the feeling that she’s not the easy first vote anymore. Although it’s hard to tell really.

Laura Morett: She’s also pretty invisible this season. The only times we hear her it’s when she cries about Ciera losing and possibly going home and so on.

Monica Culpepper: It must be tough for Monica to hear everyone dislike her husband so much. I hope she realizes that it’s a good thing for her that he’s been sent to Redemption Island. I hope she doesn’t take his spot next week, that’d be incredibly silly. Monica, remember what you said episode one this season: you’re playing for yourself this time.

Tina Wesson: She was pretty much invisible too this week. Well, see what I said about Aras, it applies to her too.

Tyson Apostol: OK, Tyson’s arm seems to be healing. He got confessionals and on the strategical side of things, see what was written about Gervase. His edit is kinda back to villain and not hero, but that’s still endearing and funny villain. I know I’m not being objective, but I have a better and better feeling about Tyson. Also, he made one very interesting comment. I thought Aras and him were very tight, but the fact that he lost Rachel and that Aras still has Vytas changed things a little, as he clearly mentioned that he needed Gervase to counter Aras and Vytas on the long run. That could become an interesting development.



Hayden Brad


Brad Culpepper sent to Redemption Island: I don’t know where to start. With last week I guess. I must have been tired, but I didn’t underline enough how dumb of a move it was to vote John out on the very unlikely chance Candice returns to play the game and decides to go against the loved ones when the returning players voted her out from the start of the game. If Candice returned and the alliance of the five men still was on, the most likely thing to happen was Candice to join them. And then, now that mistrust has been installed in the four remaining men, Brad had to open his big mouth and basically voted himself out by throwing Caleb under the boss. Let’s not forget all the things he said about John that made him even more untrustworthy. I think his problem is that he doesn’t realize that a Survivor tribe is not a football team. You don’t brag about your moves, you don’t talk smack in the lockers. All of that makes you look bad in Survivor. Once again, Survivor is not football. Oh well, he had it coming, and it was fun while it lasted. It could last a little bit longer as his arrival at redemption island will be interesting to say the list.

Another problem with brad, but with all of Tadhana really, is that I think that they let the whole “there are loved ones waiting on the other tribe” factor way too much in their way of playing the game. It kinda makes sense as they’re newbies and that’s the only way they know how to. But on the other hand, it makes them make some pretty discutable decisions.

Caleb Bankston: Wow, Caleb! I’m amazed by that move. It’s very hard to manage shifting the game at tribal council (without an immunity idol) However, I never understand why some people don’t do what he did more often. When everyone tries to keep their cards close to their chest during tribal, there are moments when you need to put them on the table and say: I’m going to vote this person because this or that and so should you because it’s in your best interest. For this great move, Caleb with my weekly don’t-let-that-fool-you award. Is it a good move? Right now, I’m not too sure. With Brad out, the tribe gets even weaker. However, the remaining five can become pretty tight, at least for a while. And one important point is that going into the merge with numbers doesn’t really matter this season, what matters is going into the merge with the right connections even more so than ever, and with that move Caleb made two new friends, Ciera and Katie, without really losing either Vytas nor Hayden.

Ciera Eastin: She can say a big thank you to Caleb, as she was obviously going home. Now with that being said, if Tadhana goes to tribal again, I’m not sure what can save her next time.

Hayden Moss: Interesting that Hayden didn’t switch his vote. He knew the girls wouldn’t. Why was he willing to risk the purple rock? Not sure. Was he counting on Vytas to do so (or Caleb?), so that he doesn’t look bad to Brad? Probably. Or maybe he doesn’t know the purple rock rule too well? Interesting how both last week’s title and this week’s are Hayden quotes. I wonder what that means, if anything.

Katie Collins: Katie is not exactly a big character this episode either. I’m still not sure what to make of that and of her.

Vytas Baskauskas: Did Vytas say anything noteworthy this week? I think he did but I can’t recall what. In any case, he did something interesting, as he’s the one who changed his vote. Smart move from his part, risking the purple rock when you have only four players drawing rocks is a too big risk to take, especially this early in the game. The only thing is now that his tribe is weaker and weaker, he will indeed need Aras when merge comes (that was not necessarily the case when his alliance was strong.

Next week on Survivor:

Will Monica volunteer to Redemption Island? That’d be stupid of her, but she may.


Next person voted out:

If Galang goes to tribal, I think Kat is still the one on the chopping block.

If Tadhana goes to tribal, I don’t think Sierra can save herself this time.


Winner Prediction:

This episode Tyson has jumped ahead of Tina and Aras. Gervase is joining them. Vytas is still in a good position. Could Caleb and Hayden not be far behind?


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