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Ben Driebergen

(Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers – 2nd-time player)

If there’s one player I’m not happy to see in this group, it’s Ben…

Sorry, but I think he’s one of the worst winners this game has seen. How has he won? By finding immunity idols (and production may or may not have been involved in him finding so many)!
As Tommy said to Dean last season, “this is not a strategy, this is finding stuff“.

His strategic sense is poor. His social skills are terrible. He’s supposed to be athletic, but he hasn’t won a single immunity challenge. He basically went to the end thanks to hidden immunity idols. And worse, he won solely by playing the “I’m a veteran” card, which personally rubs me the wrong way. See, I’m not an American, and the glorification of the military is not my cup of tea, at all… Quite the contrary. I know, “no politics during Survivor” but you need to understand why Ben’s “charm” doesn’t work on me.

How will Ben do? It will all depend on how well he gets along with his teammates. I’m not exactly sure who he’s friends with outside of the game (according to Chrissy, he’s friends with Sarah and Jeremy – I could see Jeremy using him as an infamous “meat shield”), and that could play a big part on his longevity.
In any case, I don’t think he can play at the level of everyone else, and I seriously doubt that he’ll have a major impact on the season. I really hope he’s an early boot.
I have to be careful, I think I said the same thing about Sarah at the beginning of Game Changers.

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