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Battle of the Bastards – Game of Thrones Episode S6E9



It happened!
We didn’t get the Cleganebowl (yet), but we got the Bastardbowl! Sorry, I meant the Battle of the Bastards.
And what a battle it was. We were expecting epic and epic it was, but it was also dirty, gruesome, messy, …. er… wait a minute…. At the moment the whole internet is raving about how awesome this episode and the battle were, and well, the internet is right. However, the internet is forgetting something. We also have a couple of scenes in Meereen first; and had they been in any other episode, they’d be the main topic of conversation today. So, let’s not forget them.


At last, Rhaegal and Viserion escape that catacomb where they had been trapped in for too long, and did they wreck havoc along with Drogon! They were impressive to watch. The Dothraki / Second Sons army was a bit less impressive to watch; as all the budget was used for the dragons and that other battle that we may talk about, it’s all forgiven. We’ll use our imagination for that one. This, along with that new formed alliance with Yara and Theon shows us that Daenerys is finally ready to go kick some major ass in Westeros.

Also, what was interesting to watch was her relationship to Tyrion. When he started telling her how it was a good thing that the city was getting attacked, I started fearing for him. But no, she listened to him. She even listened to him when he discouraged her from burning the cities of Slaver’s Bay. I’m pretty sure that the plan to handle the head slavers the way they did was Tyrion’s too. Furthermore, it was important that he reminded her of her father’s madness; lately Daenerys has shown signs that she really could go down a similar path if she has no one to rein her in a little. Tyrion may be the perfect person to keep her away from descending into madness.

Later, we see that Daenerys completely trusts Tyrion as she asks for his approval before accepting the alliance with the Greyjoys. As it’s been mentioned before, she knows nothing of Westerosi politics, and she won’t have a better advisor than Tyrion to help her rule.

On a side note, did you notice the Chekhov’s Gun? Tyrion reminded us of the wildfires under the Grand Sept of Baelor in King’s Landing (Qyburn alluded to them last week too, but it wasn’t as explicit). I fear for the people of King’s Landing (and a few of our favorite characters located there). Big trouble is ahead over there.

Finally, I will conclude this part about Daenerys with something potentially interesting. She wants the seven Kingdoms, but she’s already giving up on one of them in her alliance with the Greyjoys (and they’re giving up their pillaging and pirating ways… interesting, how long will they be able to do that?). I have the feeling that Varys went to Dorne, and if he strikes a deal with them, Daenerys will most likely have to give up Dorne too. I don’t see her and the Starks going at war against each other (if only because the end is starting to get nearer). Does this mean she’ll give up the North too? Mmm… Unless, the decides to attack the North as the White Walkers invade it, and that could be the “final battle” of our story…

Also, we started the story with Five Kings, looks like we’re about to get some queens instead: Daenerys, Yara, Sansa (not forgetting Cersei and Margaery if they survive the next episode)…


Jon Snow - Battle of the Bastards - Game of Thrones Episode S6E9
Jon Snow (source HBO)



OK, let’s go talk about this amazing battle of of the bastards.

Actually, there isn’t that much to talk about. Just like every other “big battle” episode, they’re pretty self-explanatory.

I’ll still share a few random thoughts with you about it:

Of course the battle was awesome.

Hard to show Ramsay’s sadistic side in such a battle, and yet, the screenwriters succeeded having him use Rickon as a bait to lure Jon out of his ranks and all that.

Ramsay’s death was oh so gruesome, but worked perfectly. That really was the best way to kill him.

I’m gladly surprised that both Tormund and Ser Davos survived. There are too many positive and satisfying things in this episode. I’m really worried about what’s next. Let’s get ready to have our dreams and hopes thrown into the mud and crushed very soon.

Tormund is getting more and more fleshed out as a character, I wonder why. I guess Jon will need a new sidekick with Sam being so far away. Note that I’m not complaining. Also, the fight between Tormund and Smalljon Umber was brutal. Until the end I was hoping the Umbers were playing the Boltons, but no, they weren’t. Sad. Fuck the Umbers! I hope Tormund becomes Lord of the Last Hearth. I assume he will and that the Umber lands will be given to the Wildlings now. However, let’s not forget that the Wildlings call themselves the Free Men. I don’t think they’ll accept fealty to the North in any way.

Davos has found out what happened to Shireen. Does it mean that Melisandre is in big trouble soon?

Unfortunately Wun-Wun had to die. Had he survived, the question (from a plot perspective) would have been what to do with him at the end of the war. He obviously can’t become major character, but he’d kinda have to. In a sense, it was much better to have him die heroically than become a useless character or to just vanish.

Jon suffocating among the pile of bodies and getting out to return to the fight almost felt like a second birth. I saw it as some sort of death of Jon Snow (again!) and birth of Jon Stark. The problem remains that no one can legitimize him as such, and he won’t simply “seize” Winterfell even if I don’t think anyone in the North would object.

Update: I’ve just found this post on Reddit that explains Jon’s story this season in a much better way than I have. Please, read it.

The Stark banners are back in Winterfell (and hopefully the dire-wolf logo will be back on Winterfell in the opening credits too). What a touching moment.

Did you notice how Jon was holding a Bear Island shield to protect himself from Ramsay’s last arrows. There he stood.

Littlefinger saves the day. Not sure what the consequences will be, but I’m sure that his plan is to marry Sansa and inherit the North in the process.

Rickon is dead. The sad part is that he had to die. Had Rickon escaped, we would have had a much less cool battle, and he would become the Lord of Winterfell.

However, it seems that the story is going in a direction where every major House is losing their lords.

Dorne doesn’t have one anymore. Loras will most likely die very soon. I assume that Euron won’t live for very long, and in any case, it seems that Pyke is not really part of the Seven Kingdoms anymore (should we say the Six Kingdoms, then?). Edmure is alive but without a territory or any sort of power whatsoever. Is he even free, or is he back at being a prisoner? Robyn is useless. The Baratheon line will disappear as soon as Tommen dies (and that’s most likely will happen soon too). The Lannisters are very much up in the air. Has Jaime become Lord of the Westerlands, now that he’s not a King’s guard anymore? I’m not sure, but if he is, that doesn’t bode too well for his longevity. If Tywin’s brother is, I don’t see him surviving long either.

And in the North, we’re also without Lord. Sansa and Jon can’t be. And Bran, the real heir, is considered dead or lost (and that’s also why I assume that Bran may not be reunited with anyone at least until after the White Walkers destroy the Wall). And, no matter what happens, I don’t think that Bran will ever be Lord of Winterfell, he’s simply not taking that route.

Also, note that all those power vacuums everywhere are paving the way for Littlefinger to seize the Iron Throne, as he intends to. He’s already Lord of Harrenhall, regent of the Vale, he will try to take the North and may succeed. Of course, I assume that Drogon will burn him alive as soon as he sits on the throne. Yes, that’s how I expect Littlefinger to die.


OK, that’s all for today. If I find something to add, I’ll do so. Stay tuned for next week’s episode. It promises to be a very eventful episode that will probably have us talking even more than this one. So, until next week. And as usual, if you liked what you read, do not hesitate to share it on your social media of choice.



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