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Auvillar by Night


I went to the village of Auvillar countless times as a kid (I have family there), but you know how things are, when you’re 10 years old, you don’t care about old houses and beautiful villages, you’re just pissed that you have to spend time in that aunt’s house because you know it will be the worst moment of the week-end.

Because of that, once I was past the age of having to follow my parents wherever they go, I almost never returned to Auvillar until last year (but I don’t blame my parents, they also brought me to countless amazing places that didn’t have my annoying aunt and uncle).

And because of that I have very few pictures of this amazing village. One of the most beautiful in France.

Actually, these ones may be the only ones.



The 17th Century clock tower at the main gate of the historical part of Auvillar.




A few facts about Auvillar.

 Auvillar has about 1,000 people.

It had its heydays in the 18th and 19th Century when its earthenware ceramics “industry” was quite famous, as well as its goose quills. Auvillar was an important river port on the Garonne river.

While a small part of the village is along the river, its main part is almost 100 meters higher on top of a rocky spur. The view from the top is quite impressive.

It is located on one of the main routes of the Way of St James pilgrimage.

Nowadays, it is also a tourist destination.



Auvillar is also famous for its circular hall. It’s not that old, it was built in 1825, but its unique shape makes it a very interesting piece of architecture.







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