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Angry Cactus


I was doodling a few days ago, and out of nowhere I realized that I had drawn an angry cactus!



Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. Ask my subconscious instead.


Apart from that, I seize the opportunity to tell you that I may post more drawings on this blog. The blog is quite inactive these days for many reasons (busy with life, with my Japan blogs, with offline activities, etc). One way to make the blog more active is to document some of those activities, and drawing is one that fits the blog format well.

Now, I know that a lot of people who are subscribed to this blog did it either for the Ask a Frenchman posts, or because I sometimes post “travel posts.” However, even if it was the vast majority of the posts for a while, this blog never was a travel blog or a blog about France. I always created it as being a “random content” blog in mind.

About eight years ago when I created it, I still lived in France and I also created another blog called David in France. It kind of was a travel blog about France. There also was a blog called Ask a Frenchman (that is still online as not all content have been transferred here) that led its own life (it actually was my most popular blog for a while). And of course, my Japan blog, Setouchi Explorer. David + World was a blog for “the rest” of the things I wanted to write publicly about.

Then, when I left France to live permanently in Japan, it didn’t make sense to keep David in France running, so I merged it into this blog. The same happened to a lot of  Ask a Frenchman posts a little while later. That’s how this blog came to look like a travel blog and/or a blog about France, but it never was its original purpose.

All of this to say that in the future, don’t be surprised or shocked if you see new kinds of contents on the blog. I hope that won’t make you unsubscribe, but I know some of you will. Thanks for staying those of you who are.


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