Angoulême – 2nd Armored Division


Angouleme - 2nd Armored Division


I’d like to tell you more about this card, but unfortunately I can’t. It’s definitely not from WW1 (the armored vehicles are too advanced for that), probably around WW2 time. I’m not sure.



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2 thoughts on “Angoulême – 2nd Armored Division

    • David Post author

      Yeah, that’s most likely that.
      They’re American tanks, but were used by the French Free Army in 44 and later.
      The second link you posted shows that some were indeed stationed in Angoulême.
      Thanks a lot.

      (now that I think about it, maybe this card is from my uncle, if I remember correctly, he did his military service basic training in Angoulême, most likely in 1950, before being sent to Algeria)