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Andrea Boehlke – Caramoan Preview


Andrea BoehlkeI was extremely disappointed in Andrea Boehlke during Redemption Island (then again, everything pertaining to Redemption Island has greatly disappointed me), however, I’m really happy to see her come back.

I was very disappointed because she was one of the very few applicants that season, and one of the very few contestants who knew and loved the game, and yet, she didn’t play. She did nothing, she tried nothing; she just coasted along until she was voted out. To her defense, Boston Rob had locked everything so well, that as soon as Matt had been voted out (the first time), Andrea had no other option other than flying as low under the radar as possible until someone else rocks the boat. No one did. Yet, she had one window of opportunity. At the merge, she could have gone to Zapatera and make them vote against Rob. I never understood why that never happened, and I never forgave neither Andrea nor Zapatera for that stupid non-move of not taking Rob out the only time they could.

But the thing is that I came to like Andrea after her season; in her interviews, following her on Twitter, in her guest posts with Gordon Holmes or elsewhere. She seems like a very fun, smart and likable girl, and a real fan of the game (a thing she never seemed to be in her season).

So yeah, I’m glad to see her back.

Now, let’s see what are her options and her chances.

First, one important element to keep in mind during these kinds of seasons, is that the game didn’t start on day one on the island, but much earlier, when future returnees ran into each other at various meetings. For example, Andrea and Francesca are not only from the same season, so they know each other well, but they’re also both parts of the “New York gang”, this group of past Survivor contestants that live in New York and tend to hang out a lot together from what I understand (other members are Stephen Fishbach, Eliza Orlins, Courtney Yates, and I’m forgetting a few).
So I wouldn’t be surprised a bit if Andrea formed an alliance with Francesca from day one. Sure you don’t go very far with a two person alliance in a tribe of ten, but she’s very sociable and sane, I could see her befriending Malcolm, Dawn, Cochran (who may have hung out with the New York crowd too, I’m not sure), Brenda and/or Erik, and they could be running the show very easily.

That being said, Andrea is a sweet girl, and I don’t believe that such a season (with this format: Fans Vs Favorites) can be won without being cutthroat and ruthless at times. I don’t think she has it in her.
In other terms, I predict that she will make the merge, but end up in the jury.



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