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In case you missed the first post about the old postcards I publish on this blog, here is a small refresher:

Most if not all of this postcards used to belong to my paternal grandfather whom I’ve never met (he died in the 50’s when my dad was a teenager). The thing is that he had my dad pretty late in his life and he was actually born in 1885. Most of the postcards date from around the time of World War One, and a large number of them are from this young woman named Amélie.

Her story (at least the parts I could recreate from that correspondence) is that she was from Amiens, and her whole family moved to the South West during World War One, like many people from the war zones did.

They spent the whole duration of the war in my grandfather’s village where they met and become friends (or maybe more ? I suspect so, it was years before he met my grandmother).

After the end of the war, Amélie and her family moved back to Amiens and she and my grandfather kept on writing to each other for several years (roughly until the mid 1920’s).

Reading those postcards was extremely moving. It seemed obvious that they were in love with each other, but it also seems obvious they never saw each other again.

I really don’t know more about her. I tried to find her trace through genealogy websites and such, but without much luck (I should try again one of these days, who knows?) I don’t even know what she looked like.

However, this could be a picture of her. The back was written by her, and it looks like a “real picture” (as opposed to one of an actress or a model, like Fabienne for example).

But I can’t be sure, especially because I have a few other cards where the woman depicted could be her too, but they don’t really look alike.



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