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Amber Mariano

(All-Stars – 3rd-time player)

Amber Mariano

I think It’s even more surprising to see Amber play again that it is to see Yul play again, isn’t it?

However, I’m afraid that she’s not really in the same league as anyone else. She’s definitely the weakest player out there, by far.
It’s been so long, that I’m not too sure how relevant it is to mention it, but in Australia, she was pretty bland. She had an OK social game, but that’s pretty much it. She was called to play All-Stars probably as a replacement to Colleen Haskell or Elizabeth Filarski who refuse to return, and we all know how she won. Boston Rob carried her to the end, and then everyone was just too mad at Rob to vote for him to win.

Add to this the fact that she hasn’t played in so many years, I’m not even that sure how closely she has followed the show since.

To top all this, she is in that very unique and dangerous situation where she’s playing with her husband.

In other words, the Marianos have the biggest possible target on their back, probably even bigger than Sandra’s or Parvati’s.

There is no chance on earth that both of them make the merge. And Amber’s only chance of survival is if Rob is voted out among the first ones (which is a realistic outcome). Only then, the other players will stop seeing her as a huge threat and she’ll be able to play the game. But how well can she play this game that has changed so much she’s almost comparable to a newbie surrounded by some of the best players this game has ever seen? Especially because she wasn’t even really at top tier player back then?

And if Rob manages to survive a few votes, she’ll be the one who is voted out very early.

What are her chances to win? None, absolutely none in my opinion, and I’m sure she’s aware of it. Something that struck me in her pregame interview is that she’s the only one who sounds that she’s there, not to win, but for the experience. I told you, just like many newbies. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really dislike her, and I’m actually quite curious to see what will happen with the Marianos this season. I just don’t think she has any chance whatsoever.

Amber doesn’t seem to be on Twitter

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