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Adam Klein

(Millenials vs Gen X – 2nd-time player)

Adam Klein

A lot of the Survivor fandom doesn’t really care much for Adam for some reason.
Honestly, I think this is unfair. Yes, David Wright is probably a better strategist, but Adam totally deserves his win in my opinion, and I’m not only saying this because he was my episode one pick to win his season (and that hadn’t happened in a very long while, if ever before).

He’s an underrated winner and he’s fully aware of it. From his pregame interviews, he will totally play the underrated card, at least early in the game, and indeed, I don’t see him being an early target. Most other players may even “forget” that he’s there at first. Those first days when he won’t be a target will be crucial. He’ll need to make some serious allies then, and his alliance will have to take control of the situation around the merge, this is the only way he can win. Indeed, Adam may have one of the easiest paths to final tribal council in my opinion, but he will have to have proven himself in the meantime (orchestrated the blindside of a few “legends” and similar things) if he want to receive votes then.

In his pregame interviews, I was quite impressed by his self-awareness. He’s one of the youngest out there, one of the most recent winners, but he’s also one with a very good, very subtle and very underestimated social game.

Once again, I see him probably making it to the end. I’m not sure if he can win, though. His path to victory kinda implies going to the end with other young and recent players, but he’ll need to have an edge (if possible not of “extinction”) over them somehow.

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