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  Is it abstract art? Not quite, but this is the first piece done in collaboration between my daughter (about two years old at the time) and I:     We have done a few more after that, but none as interesting as this one… At the moment, she’s more […]

Abstract Art?

  Preliminary warning: this may not be the best piece I have written. It was pretty difficult to write, emotional at times. I wrote it in several sessions, so the style may be uneven, typos may be plentiful. Sorry about that. Wednesday night, last week, I returned home from work […]

Charlie Hebdo, France, me and the rest…

    Just like pretty much every other year, let me wish you a very Happy New Year 2015 with a century old French postcard. I still have quite a few in stock, apparently postcards were pretty popular at the turn of the 20th Century to wish loved ones a […]

Happy New Year 2015