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  A while ago, I had a short lived (or rather “went rapidly dormant”) section in the blog called “Where in Paris?“ Well, I’m reviving it, at least for today (and most likely again in the future) with these shots of Death, no less:       So, where do […]

Death in Paris

  I guess that July 14th is the perfect day to tell you a little bit about Bastille Day, especially because there are a lot of misconceptions about it in the English speaking world, or rather about how Bastille Day is celebrated in France. So, here are a few debunked misconceptions, […]

Happy Bastille Day?

  I’ve always loved elephants, especially African Elephants. On the other hand, I’m not really special; who doesn’t love elephants?             Those African Elephants like many of the animals that appear on the blog live in Beauval Zoo.    

African Elephant