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  So, my experiment about going one month without news ended two days ago. Now is time for the debriefing. At first, it was a bit hard I admit. Especially because two days after starting the experiment, some sort of crazy serial killer disguised as a terrorist by the French […]

One Month without News

    No, this is not a quiz, this time. I just don’t know who she is, and as opposed to the last time, I think this time it is a real picture (I mean, not a picture of an actress or something similar). That woman may or may not […]

Who is she?

  While most of the town of Albi is a very “normal” French town, the neighborhoods around the Cathedral are quite picturesque. Well, I guess Albi is a very normal French town after all, as pretty much any French town also has a few picturesque neighborhoods.        

Albi Streets