Monthly Archives: February 2012

  And here is the second “issue” of my “Where in Paris” series, with a truly hard one this time (the first one was too easy 😉 ). You won’t find it until you’re a real Paris connaisseur. Where are those stairs:     Edit: And the winner is K-Rae […]


    I don’t know much about him. I just know that his name was Marcelin or Marcel (not sure if Marcelin was a nickname or his real name), that he was my grandpa’s cousin, and that he was in the French navy during WW1 and later. He wrote a […]


  I don’t know Bruges too well (that’s an euphemism) as I spent less than half a day there. This is what happens when you travel with Americans. 🙂 Ok, to be fair, we were not in Belgium for tourism, so these few hours in Bruges were some sort of […]


    59 Rivoli, located at 59, rue de Rivoli (duh!) is an artist residence house that I advise you to check out if you’re in Paris. The building used to belong to Crédit Lyonnais, but was one of those numerous unoccupied buildings in Paris (yes, if you’re not aware […]

59 Rivoli