Monthly Archives: January 2012

  Don’t worry, I’m not asking you, this is more of a rhetorical question.     This very old picture was in my stack of old postcards, and I have no idea who that man is. My best bet is my great-grandfather or a great uncle. One thing is almost […]

Who’s this man?

    For some reason I love this pic. This is Lucy. She was one of my roommate’s two cats back in 2002-2004. She definitely was a LOLCat. For example, one day she decided that jumping and hanging out in the bathtub was fun. One day happened what was bound […]


  Let’s try something. I have a series of pictures from Paris that work well for a quiz series. Let’s start with this one, a pretty easy one if you’ve spend some time in Paris:     Edit: Dan has found the answer. It is in the metro station Palais […]

Where in Paris?